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43* When Gore Beat Bush

43* When Gore Beat Bush - Jeff Greenfield The premise of this book sounded interesting: What would have happened in America had Gore been declared the winner (we all know he actually did win, technically) of the 2000 election against George W. Bush.

Greenfield does a respectable job of incorporating realistic events, actual quotes, and probable scenarios into how he plays out the time period between the 2000 Election and the ultimate events of the book in 2002. Even given the author's statement that there are potentially millions of possible "alternate universe" ways in which this story could have played out, the sequence of events the author selected were, for me, flawed in that what triggered the events was too minor, and the "butterfly effect" of consequences was too severe.

For a quick read that was $1.99 on the Kindle, this was fine and minorly intriguing. I was hoping for much more, however.